YCDSB Active School Travel ~ Bus Safety Tips

The wheels on the bus go round and round…” Walking to the school bus stop and riding the bus to school are considered important forms of active school travel. Students who live outside of the Non-Transportation Zone for their home school qualify for school bus service.

Walking to the bus stop and riding the bus provides a number of benefits including:

  • Teaching children the value of time and being organized
  • Keeping children active, which leads to strong physical and mental health
  • Encouraging social interaction and improving and building social skills
  • Keeping communities safe and reducing private automobile traffic congestion
  • Reducing environmental air pollution
  • Making school more accessible for all children
Ministry of Transportation School Bus Safety Tips
When you board or leave the bus While on the bus
●    Wait in a safe place away from the edge of the road

●    Stay out of the DANGER ZONE. If you can touch the bus, you’re too close. Use 10 giant steps to take you out of the DANGER ZONE, and make sure you and the bus driver can see each other.

●    Always cross the road in front of the bus, never behind.

●    Look all ways and wait for the driver to signal before you cross in front of a bus

●    Stay seated, facing forward at all times

●    Don’t put things in the aisle

●    Never distract the bus driver

●    Don’t eat or drink while on the bus

●    Don’t yell, push people or throw things

●    Keep your arms and head inside the bus

If your child does not qualify for the school bus we encourage walking/cycling/scootering to school or parking a block away from the school and walking the rest of the way. If you can’t walk/cycle/scooter every day, choosing active travel once, twice, or a few days a week can still provide benefits.

Ontario Crossing Guard Recognition Day – March 20, 2019

The Ontario Traffic Council has chosen Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 as Crossing Guard Recognition Day. If your child passes by a crossing guard on their way to school, take a moment to THANK your local crossing guard to show your appreciation! Crossing guards play an important role in keeping children and neighborhood’s safe!


YCDSB Active School Travel Team