Year: 2018

Movember Awareness Day

On Thursday, November 29th students will have the opportunity to get a mustache painted on for the day. Luke 4:18 members will also give a short presentation on “Movember” to raise awareness for Cancer.

Coby the Magician!

Bully Awareness Week: RESPECT

Coby the Magician Presentation! On November 16th, Coby the magician visited St. Anthony with an very clear and important message about Anti-Bullying, to be a buddy not a Bully! He was engaging and inspiring and brought the message home.  His amazing tricks included fun with numbers and other effects that really got the students thinking!!!

Intermediate Volleyball!

On November 15th. The Girls Intermediate Volleyball Team won 2 games in their round robin, matching them up against St. John XXIII. From there, they played strong, losing 15-11 in extra play.  The Boys Intermediate Volleyball  Team had a similar outcome, building their team collaboration as the round robin games progressed, however were knocked out in the playoffs, finishing 4th overall. Way to go Panthers! ... Continue reading "Intermediate Volleyball!"

Faith in Action


Calling all parents! Are you done with all the Halloween candy your children keep asking for that only result in sugar rushes and trips to the dentist? Children in developing countries such as Somalia and other African countries could benefit greatly from candy. The candy helps them to produce saliva which starts the digestion process. On the evening of parent ... Continue reading "Faith in Action"

sayIT! Lego Robotic Team

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM! On Saturday our sayIT! Lego Robotic Team competed against 41 teams at the Provincial Championships at Durham College in Oshawa.  Teams came from all over eastern Ontario including Ottawa and North bay.  The competition was fierce! However, after 4 judging sessions and 4 runs on the table, our team was awarded the “Judges Award!!”  The judges commented that we were an up and ... Continue reading "sayIT! Lego Robotic Team"