Butterflies Take Flight

Monarchs Take Flight at St Anthony!

Over several weeks in September and October, St Anthony students served as very special stewards of our environment. Each class, from Kindergarten to grade 8, raised Monarch butterflies in their rooms. They watched and learned as this species-at-risk moved through each of four stages of development from egg to mature butterfly.

Each class then released Monarchs into our school butterfly garden/yard and bid them farewell on their long journey to wintering grounds in Mexico.

This special opportunity for St Anthony students was made possible through a generous grant from TD Bank and the TD Friends of the Environment Fund. The TDFEF also provided funds to replenish and maintain our butterfly garden so it can continue to be a refuge for Monarchs in the years to come. We hope to work with TD on more environmental initiatives that will benefit both our students and natural community.

St Anthony Catholic School Council