Month: July 2017

Wheelchair Basketball

St. Anthony students learned all about Wheelchair Basketball from Ontario Wheelchair Basketball Association. Not only did they have the opportunity to experience the sport first hand but also developed an appreciation for how difficult the wheelchair basketball is. They also came away with the knowledge that wheelchair basketball can be enjoyed by all that wish to participate.

Oral Communication

Congratulations to all the participants in our Annual Oral Communications competition held at St. Anthony on April 27th. Special recognition to Isabella Morales and Makayla Schuck who were first place winners in the Intermediate and Junior categories and went on to complete at the area finals. Isabella was winner of the area finals held on May 4th.


Congratulations to our Grade 7 students that received their Confirmation at St. Luke’s Parish on May 27th.

Catholic School Council Fundraising and Grant Report

 Catholic School Council Fundraising and Grant Report

June 28, 2017.

The 2016-17 school year was a year filled with opportunity and new experiences for St Anthony students.  Many of those opportunities are made possible through the fundraising efforts of our community and grants won by our school.

Below is a short summary of our fundraising programs and ... Continue reading "Catholic School Council Fundraising and Grant Report"